Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Mayflower Movers Determine the Pricing?

The final price will be determined with the use of the Mayflower Movers's estimates matrix which combines different aspects. There are many things which will affect your price quote; which includes the weight or volume of your belongings, the distance being moved, and the specified time-frame.

The total cost of your move will rise if there are added services and any special handlings that might occur. This would also cover the personal requests for stuffs that are pricey or valuable and also, for some other supplies you may utilize when moving.

When I Must Plan?

In your move in Mayflower Movers, is quite not that early. We suggest providing yourself six to eight weeks from your relocating date to have everything ready and deal with any surprises--and there will be some--that you may have to address as you go along. The more time you provide yourself, the easier your move will be.

Are There Items ThatMayflower Movers Won't Move?

With the moving experts at Mayflower Movers, particular items can't be legally relocated. The list includes plants, pets, combustibles, weapons, perishables, poisons and contents under pressure. Also included are bleach, charcoal, as well as motor oil.

Would the Mayflower Movers Also Move Antiques, and Precious Items?

The Mayflower Movers will transport all your precious belongings just like antiques. As a matter of fact, people employ movers because of this. Think about this way: when you move that antique desk, dresser or bed then you not just have to do the work, but you have no recourse if it is damaged in transit.

If you employ Mayflower Movers, you won't only free yourself from the hardship, but it would also secure that your important things are in good hands particularly when it is being covered by an insurance policy. Many thanks to our modern technology, all of our vehicles in Mayflower Movers has a built-in satellite tracking device so that you can simply keep track of your move from any point it stops.

Is Mayflower Movers Able to Move My Appliances As well?

The movers will also move all your appliances, just make sure that they may be thoroughly cleaned out and disconnected. Mayflower Movers can also provide you a hand in looking for pros in your neighborhood who can assist you organizing your appliances before moving.

Do I Still Need to Tip the Expert Movers?

It is the customary practice that you tip the movers, but you can also opt not to. Providing them food and drinks is also recommended. Pizza and a 2 liter of soda can be enough. The tip offered is typically to for each mover and the total tip must be given to the supervisor if they have several movers.

Should I Be There on the Date the Move Will Be?

Throughout the packing process, there should be somebody present. Having a communication is very important if you hire a professional moving service and Mayflower Movers constantly keep in touch to you in all the way. A person who can generate any decisions and can make answers in some queries will surely aid our movers.

Contact us for a free phone consultation or fill out the quote form to get started on your move right now! You would never be sorry for doing so.

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